Who we are 

Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society is born in Barcelona (Catalonia) and aims at continuing the legacy and experience from the Iniciativa per la Reforma Horària (Time Use Reform Initiative), which managed to put a reform of time-use policies on the political agenda in Catalonia.

The new Initiative aims at crossing borders and driving this change further, sharing lessons learned and projects with other organizations, and building knowledge to drive a global change in the use of time and create better policies to regulate it.

To that end, an ambitious strategic plan to internationalize the Initiative has been created, with the following mission, vision and values.

Management board


Joan Francesc Pont,


Joan Francesc Pont is a well-known professor of Tax Law. He has been involved with the
Barcelona Time Use Initiative since its beginning, when the Catalan movement began. He
also has accompanied several projects from both Spanish and international companies. His
main research nowadays is about the relationships between public administration and
taxpayers. He is active in many fields among which public-private cooperation, associations
and foundations and international tax planning. He has published 28 books both from his tax
law speciality and other topics regarding historical, philosophical, and political issues.


Marta Junqué Surià,
Co- Coordinator

Marta holds a MA in public management and a BA in Political Science and Public Administration
and currently she is doing a PhD. She is passionate about improving our society and has been
involved both personally and professionally on public policy design, implementation and change
management. Since 2019, she is involved on ensuring time use is placed on the centre of the
political agenda both at the global and local scale. She has more than 10 years of experience in
business consulting and has expertise in a variety of business-related disciplines. She is
experienced in working with international (especially at the EU level) and local organisations in
both the public and private sector. Marta is also involved in social projects. She has volunteered
with different NGOs around the world.

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Ariadna Güell Sans, 
Co- Coordinator

Ariadna has both a personal and professional interest on public policies, with a special focus on
efficiency and effectiveness improvement. She strives to improve the public sector from different
areas and, since 2019, she has been pushing for the implementation of time use policies both at
regional, national, and international level. She has more than eight years of experience as a
consultant for the public sector both for Spanish and international institutions such as the United