Time Use Week 2021

​In October 2021, the second edition of the Time Use Week will take place in Barcelona. The aim is to create thematic forums for exchange and discussion with key international stakeholders regarding time policies. 

​The TUW 2021 will include the 43rd Annual Congress of the IATUR (International Association for Time Use Research), in which more than 200 researchers from all over the world will participate.

All activities are open, except the IATUR Annual Congress that requires a fee.

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Activities will take place at Sant Pau modernist site, unless indicated otherwise. 

The provisional program can be found below:

Future Of Europe: October 25

Time Use Week 2021 opening

09:30h a 10:30h

Opening event for the Time Use Week 2021, that will open with a conversation about time as a concept, and the presence of the organizing institutions, to discuss the importance of time policies within the European arena.

Urban Time  summit: 26 October

Going forward together, urban time policies in Europe

10h a 11:30h

Municipalities have historically spear-headed time policies implementation, directly impacting citizens well-being. During this year, network work between different European municipalities has allowed encounters to share experiences, that will be presented here, as well as reinforce the need to work in networks to move forward.

IATUR Annual Conference

43rd IATUR Annual Conference

27/10/2021 al 29/10/2021

The 43rd edition of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR) Annual Conference wants to explore the connection between research, public policy, organizations, and society. It will include plenary sessions dedicated to key issues of time policy such as the impact of COVID-19 or time poverty, visits to real-life use cases of time policy and exchanges between researchers and public institutions

IATUR Annual Confere Closure and Barcelona Declaration on Time Policies : 29 October

Institutional signing of the Barcelona Declaration on Time Policies

16h - 17h

The Barcelona Declaration on Time Use aims at creating a common framework to develop time policies throughout Europe at different levels. In this event, the declaration will be signed, and it will mark the beginning of the work process to spread time policies within the member states.

Due to COVID-19, on-site presence is restricted, and you need to register to access the conference. 

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