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Gezondtijd! collaboration (Health time!)
Authors: Conny Bergé and Ticia Luengo Hendriks
March 2020

This paper explains the current scientific insights and social consequences of the DST clock changes. Our aim is to make a responsible contribution to the debate so that informed policy decisions can be taken at national and European Union level.


Asociación Gezondtijd! (Horario de ¡salud!)
Autores: Conny Bergé y Ticia Luengo Hendriks
Traducción: Ariadna Güell Sans
Marzo 2020

Este documento explica los conocimientos científicos actuales y las consecuencias sociales del cambio de hora. Nuestro objetivo es hacer una contribución responsable al debate, para que se puedan tomar
decisiones políticas informadas a nivel nacional y de la Unión Europea.


Government of Catalonia Ministry 
Iniciativa per a la Reforma Horària
July 2017

The Pact for Timetable Reform is the culmination of an initiative that began three and a half years ago thanks to a group of experts that started this journey so that people could live with more reasonable and healthier work schedules. 


Salvador Cardús Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Barcelona, 18 October 2018

The structure of daily routines is not simply the result of chance or individual disorder, but the result of an uneven distribution of social power.

mujer durmiente
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