Barcelona Declaration on Time Use

Initiative to write the first world-wide “Declaration” that succinctly summarises the main time use proposals to be included at the international political agenda. It will be based on an agreement amongst key stakeholders on the different thematic areas.

Municipalities & Time Use policies

The project aims at fostering the implementation of time use policies at the municipal level. It does it through two main tools:

  • An open, public database of good practices on time use policies implemented at local level. It can be consulted here.

  • Exchange meetings between European cities, organized by topics, to learn from each other and encourage others to apply time use policies in their municipalities. 


Time Agreement in Lleida

The Time Agreement is a city-wide agreement that is made by the city council and the key stakeholders within a city or a town. It aims at setting goals for time use reform within the city and design specific policies that help achieve them. We are currently supporting the Lleida city council to elaborate the agreement.

Healthy Time Use campaign

 The first lockdown in March 2020 changed radically our habits and how we organised our time. To answer to that, we launched a campaign over social networks releasing some recommendations regarding time use. The hashtag was #HealthyTimeUse and we released it in Catalan, Spanish and English through our Twitter and Facebook accounts. Our aim was to give daily specific recommendations grouped under three concepts: discover your circadian rhythm, organize your time, and share quality time and complement the messages with short videos of experts and organizations giving recommendations or explaining what they were doing to confront the crisis in terms of time use.