Barcelona presents its candidacy to host the IATUR Annual Conference on Autumm 2021

The Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), the Barcelona City Council

(Ajuntament de Barcelona) and the ‘Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy

Society’ will present it in the framework of this year’s IATUR at Washington DC

IATUR is the most important international association on time use research at

global level.

Presented last 7 June within the events of the Time Use Reform Week, the ‘Barcelona

Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society’ is an international initiative that builds upon the

learnings of the Catalan Time Use Reform Initiative and aims at becoming an

international reference stakeholder in the next three years to promote public policies

related to time use.

From 10 to 12 July, the Catalan Government, the Barcelona City Council and the

‘Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society’ will participate at the 41st Annual

Conference of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR), the most

important conference on time use celebrated at global level, which will take place at the

American University at Washington DC. IATUR Conference is one of the most

recognized encounters to exchanges ideas, good practices a nd latest news on time use


IATUR’s topic this year is about communicating the research results to those responsible

for public policy formulation and to the general public (“Communicating Time Use

Research to the Public”).

Within IATUR’s conference this year, Fabian Mohedano, sponsor of the Catalan Time

Use Reform Initiative and the Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society’, Alexis

Serra, current director of the Office for Time Use Reform at the Catalan Government and

the executive director of socioeconomic development department at Barcelona Activa (a

Barcelona City Council Agency dedicated to promote work and businesses in

Barcelona), Emilia Pallàs Zenke, will present the candidacy of Barcelona to celebrate the

43th IATUR conference during three days on Autumm 2021.

Mohedano’s presentation will take place in IATUR on the 12 of july, from 9 to 10.30h,

under the title “A new initiative for a dialogue between scientist community and public

policies”, where besides the Barcelona candidacy itself will also present the Barcelona

Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society at international level. Emilia Pallàs will deliver a

conference on “Boosting new time use in companyies in Barcelona”, in which will talk

about how to foster new time use practices within companies to achieve better levels of

well-being of their employees and better competitivity within the companies.

The candidacy will have a preparatory committee with the three institutions: the Catalan

Government, the Barcelona City Council and the ‘Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a

Healthy Society’. The proposal is to organise the 2021 conference in Barcelona within

the International Time Use Reform Week which will be celebrated in the same days in

Barcelona and will be a meeting point for different international networks to work together

on time use issues.

The proposal for the 43th IATUR’s candidacy (the 42 will take place next year in Tokyo)

includes the combination of research papers, public policies and a sample of initiatives

that connect research with organisations, public policies and the civil society such as:

• Visit to Girona. Presentation of the Time Pact and the Girona companies network

• Visit to Barcelona Activa. Presentation of the Time Pact and the companies

network NUST

• Visit to the Catalan Parliment. Experience on the schedule changes and its


• Visits to companies that are promoting time policies

• Reception at the Barcelona City Council. Meeting of the organisations promoting

the Time Pacts

• Reception at the Catalan Government. Explanation of the Time Use Reform Pact

Likewise, the candidacy foresees to include several networks that could hold working


• Network of European Cities for Time Use

• Network of Cities and Towns for Time Use Reform (Catalunya)

• International seminar of the european network for the end of DST

• International seminar organised by chronobiologists and sleep doctors

• Other activities to be defined

On October 2018, Fabian Mohedano participated on the last IATUR conference in

Budapest, where he presented the Time Use Reform Pact along with Alexis Serra,

director of the Time Use Reform Office of the Catalan Government. Sara Berbel, general

director of Barcelona Activa, also presented the Barcelona Time Pact. This year’s IATUR

conference is organised by theSchool of Public Affairs of the American University and

the Population Research Center of the University of Maryland.


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