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The International Alliance for Natural Time

The International Alliance for Natural Time advocates permanent, worldwide observation of natural time, facilitated by geographically appropriate, sun-based time zones. History and a growing body of scientific evidence show this is essential for health, safety, education, work, economy, environment, and human rights. The IANT is formed by associations from all over the world. Find out more here



Our networks


European Cities Network for Time Use

 The European Network informally groups cities and associations interested on time use policies at local level to exchange good practices and knowledge and promote time use policies amongst European cities.  

Catalan Network of Towns and Cities for Time Use Reform

The Catalan Network of Towns and Cities for Time Use Reform is promoted and coordinated from the Time Use Reform Catalan Office at the Catalan government. It is composed by towns and cities within Catalonia that have approved a motion towards time use reform. Find out more here – only in Catalan

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Time Agreement of Barcelona

The Time Agreement of Barcelona is a city agreement that promotes actions that allow people to live and organize their daily time according to their needs, in a collective framework of coexistence. The agreement is based on the implication of the Barcelona city council, the social and economic organizations of the city (companies, foundations, social stakeholders, professional groups, etc.) and the individual people to act together and advance towards a social organization of time that answers effectively to multiple and different interests within a city as diverse and active as Barcelona. Find out more here

Pact for Timetable reform

The Pact for Timetable Reform was signed by 110 organizations and set specific goals to be achieved in 2025 about a timetable reform in Catalonia. The goal was to achieve healthier, more equal, and more efficient schedules. The BTUI is one of the promoters of the pact from the civil society and signed it as well. Find out more here