Ticia Luengo Hendriks

Ticia Luengo Hendriks

Multi-passionate innovator and Better time use advocate

A better time use advocate since 2011, when she founded the Dutch branch of the B-Society after experiencing the challenges of being a working parent night owl in our early bird society. Ticia has a background in social psychology and 20 years experience in ICT and organisational consultancy.

She is a multi-passionate innovator in a variety of fields including children's rights, educational reform, giftedness and late chronotype (night owl) emancipation.

Broadening the scope of B-Society she founded the Better Times Platform in 2015 together with a.o. Conny Bergé and they launched the Health time! (Gezondtijd!) initiative against Daylight Saving Time and for geographically appropriate time zones in 2019.

Health time! / Gezondtijd! Initiative, including political position paper in 4 languages: www.gezondtijd.eu

Better Times Platform: www.beteretijden.org (Platform Betere Tijden) believes that we all have much to gain if we take our biological clocks and biorhythms into account. At work, in school, on the road and when receiving healthcare. Not doing so is costing us all dearly!

B-Society NL: www.b-society.nl (archive) The mission of the B-Society is to increase the quality of life and productivity of B-persons (late chronotypes) by creating later starting times in schools and workplaces. www.b-society.org

BTUI's expertise areas: Social science, Chronobiology, Labour relations, Education, Activism