John de Graaf

Filmmaker and author, founder of Take back your time

He has been interested in the issue of shorter work-time since the 1970s. He produced the popular PBS documentary RUNNING OUT OF TIME in 1994. He co-founded the activist organization TAKE BACK YOUR TIME in 2002. He edited the book TAKE BACK YOUR TIME in 2003. He was a consultant on Time Use to the government of Bhutan's Gross National Happiness project in 2013. He drafted both national and state paid vacation legislation in the US and Washington State--sadly they were not successful. He produced the PBS documentary THE GREAT VACATION SQUEEZE in 2014. He is a candidate for Vice President of the United States for the Bread and Roses Party, an educational effort with a focus on shorter work-time. He has written numerous articles on this subject including two New York Times op-eds. Several are on his website:

BTUI's expertise areas: Social science, Activism