What we believe

Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society is born in Barcelona (Catalonia) and aims at continuing the legacy and experience from the Iniciativa per la Reforma Horària (Time Use Reform Initiative), which managed to put a reform of time-use policies on the political agenda in Catalonia.

The new Initiative aims at crossing borders and driving this change further, sharing lessons learned and projects with other organizations, and building knowledge to drive a global change in the use of time and create better policies to regulate it.

To that end, an ambitious strategic plan to internationalize the Initiative has been created, with the following mission, vision and values.


To place the time factor at the centre of growth and well-being policies for the citizens, connecting and transforming already existing initiatives from the local to the global scale.


Becoming an international reference spokesperson for the improvement of time-related policies in three years.


Cohesion. Dialogue. Flexibility. Equity. Health. Progress. Slowness. Sustainability. Well-being.

Welcome Barcelona Time Use Initiative for a Healthy Society